This is a test page. Anyone is free to use the code or examples on this page if they're at all helpful.
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This page demonstrates usage of the {{Nocache}} template. Below, you should see an option. Normally, because of caching, you would see the same option after every page load. This is because the page contents are not generated every single time. The page is cached the first time you view it, and then you're served that same page over and over again for some time until the cache is purged.

However, with the {{Nocache}} template, the viewer is served a noncached version of the page on every page load, so you'll see the option get re-rolled every time you revisit this page.

Choose...Option tagsEdit

11) This is the eleventh option

Verbatim TestEdit

Since this page isn't cached, any changes to MediaWiki:Prevent caching example will show up here immediately.