This is a test page. Anyone is free to use the code or examples on this page if they're at all helpful.
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For this example to work properly, the following CSS code must be placed in MediaWiki:Wikia.css

/* Basic hover example */
.show-when-hovering {
    display: none;
.hover-container:hover .show-when-hovering {
    display: inline;
.hover-container:hover .hide-when-hovering {
    display: none;

HTML / wikitextEdit

The following HTML or wikitext code is used on this wiki page:

<span class="hover-container">
'''Always visible'''
<span class="hide-when-hovering" style="color:red">This should disappear when you hover over it</span>
<span class="show-when-hovering" style="color:blue">This should only appear while hovering</span>


Always visible This should disappear when you hover over it This should only appear while hovering